Samudrawasa is a wonderfully relaxing place to hang out with friends and family. However, for those that wish to leave the confines of the villa, there are many things to see and do.

Further information is supplied in our rental information, and guide books can be found in the villa.

4129Directly opposite the villa is a beautiful secluded beach as well as a small turtle sanctuary operated by “The Captain”.

Local Market

Ambalangoda itself is a short walk from the villa. The town is famous for its colourful hand-crafted masks – the mask museum is within walking distance, as is the the bustling local market and the fishing harbour.


Sri Lanka is a beautiful palm-fringed tropical island surrounded by world-class tropical beaches. Heading south along the beautiful coast road to Tangalle, you can find some of the best.
Northern Beach view

Boat Hire

From several locations including the local fishing harbour, you can hire boats to snorkel, scuba dive and whale watch. It is also possible to arrange for a private yacht to come and collect you at the villa for a one-day sailing excursion.


A day tour to the walled city of Galle should not be missed. It is a beautifully restored colonial-style municipality, easy to walk around, with many small boutiques selling local arts and crafts. There are lots of nice cafés and restaurants to take a break for coffee or lunch during the day.


Yoga classes are available in

Swimming / Surfing

Seasonal body boarding is possible on the shore break in front of the villa and there are several larger breaks in season further down the coast, from Hikaduwa onwards.