Art in the Hills

Vivi L’arte Italiano

We have a very special Artist local to Villa Bonicelli, who has created a house full of murals that she has painted over 8 years.

Pheona has a well equipped studio and lots of outdoor areas to work in , including a beautiful landscaped garden.

In Scotland, where Pheona is from, she created a very successful art department in Strathclyde University where she pioneered a fast track learning scheme for artists.

Part of the learning process for Pheona is having fun , she teaches art history and new and inventive methods for all sort of artistic activities, making it a great overall experience.

Her personal mission is to never endure mundane repetition and sees every person coming to her as a new project to find out about, whether advanced or just willing to learn, Pheona will improve your outlook on painting and on life itself.

Option 1

A half day art class at Pheona’ s Studio. 09.00 – 12.00 .

A morning session at the studio or one of the many areas outside the studio. In just three hours you will discover for beginners that you truly can draw. Also have a go at being creative in acrylics or a water colour.

For the more advanced artist, at the same table as beginners you can improve your artwork by using Pheona’s expertise to discover how you can improve your work.

No matter what your ability, you will be helped to improve and you can take your artwork home to stick on the fridge!

Option 2

A full day including lunch at Pheona’ s studio

09.00 – 12.00 , 12.00 – 14.00 lunch and relaxation. 14.00 – 17.00

A more in depth session than the half day, but for beginners and accomplished artists alike, you will come away with a piece of artwork maybe too grand for the fridge!

Have a leisurely lunch under the Michelangelo last supper whilst you catch up with what has inspired others to be there with Pheona.

More time can be spent on specific skills using all the facilities of the studio. Be inspired by the gardens and tour the house to see the murals and paintings where you will see Caravaggio and Botticelli brush shoulders with Ayrshires finest Harley Davidson riders, amongst others.

Option 3

09.00 12.00

A short local art history walk in Villa Minozzo

Meet at Pheona’s home and have a guided tour of the house and its incredible, Caravaggio, Botticelli and Michelangelo copies that adorn the house.

Walk to Villa Minozzo Church and see the murals and then take in the seven Madonna’s.

Lunch in Villa Minozzo and then walk back to the house

Option 4

09.00 – 16.00

To take a country walk on Bismantova. The reported inspiration for Dante, is a remote stand alone rock surrounded by wildlife and forest.

A superb place to walk and learn how to make an effective sketch book.

In the morning Sketch Bismantova from afar and then approach Bismantova and walk to the Table top summit.

Come back down for lunch at the Rifugio.

After lunch, visit the church cut into the hill side and spend the afternoon sketching in the meadows and surrounding hillside forest walk ways.